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"A site of interest to lovers of vintage commercial art, picture editors, graphics professionals, interior designers etc. "

Pic of the Day 21 October 2016

Joy Bells (1920)

About This Site

This is a significant personal collection of vintage popular art - what used to be referred to as 'commercial art', the work of thousands of often uncredited pen-and-brush artists in the fields of press advertising, posters and book illustration, whose talent was valued (though not always acknowledged) largely because they had the skill and discipline to be able to represent the human form, and therefore all else, accurately and stylishly. The site is offered as a belated celebration of those talented and too-often uncredited artists.

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The Hardcopy Collection

• All images shown on this site are in the Tony Shuker Collection in original hard copy form.
• The site is open as a forum for interested persons and enthusiasts.
If you live in the Cambridge (UK) area and would like to help with this project, pleaase get in touch.